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We have several dear friend breeders who are currently cutting back or retiring,  and have some young adult terriers or older pups available. Do contact me if you would like more information or connection.
We occasionally have a retired, older female available for adoption.  
Senior terriers have a special place in life...  what they lack in future longevity, 
they make up in enjoying the company of a couple or single human 
that are missing the joy of having a dog in their lives; 
but know a puppy or rambuncous youth is too much to handle. 
They are excellent companions who love to go for walks, or share a sofa.  
We only allow them to move on when a home better than ours is available. We are blessed to see our loved terriers complete their life mission.  
If you are interested please let us know and we can discuss the possibilities. 
Our next litter is due mid June.  We will be doing several breedings  late fall.
Currently we have several names on the wait list, but if you are interested, we are glad to visit with you.