Contact us at:

If you would like to be on our wait list, please send us an email and get acquainted. 

If we do not have puppies when you are ready for your next companion,  
we often network with other 
reputable breeders who have puppies available. 
We will do our best to get you connected.

Our next breedings will be in late summer with fall puppies available. We are glad to put your name on our wait and update list as we plan future litters.  Just send us an email with a little about yourself and why you are interested in our Jack Russells.
We occasionally have a retired, older female available for adoption.  
Senior terriers have a special place in life...  what they lack in future longevity, 
they make up in enjoying the company of a couple or single human 
that are missing the joy of having a dog in their lives; 
but know a puppy or rambuncous youth is too much to handle. 
They are excellent companions who love to go for walks, or share a sofa.  
We never sell our retirees, and only allow them to move on when a home better than ours is available. We are blessed to see our loved terriers complete their life mission.  
If you are interested please let us know and we can discuss the possibilities. 
We like to keep a puppy every year so we can evaluate our bloodlines,  
training techniques,  and prepare a young adult for  a forever home.  
We have a tan and white year and half old male that is available now.  
He is very correct,  healthy,  loves travel and is all around in competition with several championships.  
He is 14" tall, broken coat.  He has an incredible pedigree. 
We prefer he go to a home that challenges his intelligence and furthers his training in addition to, 
or instead of, just using him as a stud dog.  
A companion home is preferred.  Send me an email if you would like photos and details.