Bonding Canines and Humans for a Lifetime of Postitive Interaction

I have been involved in breeding Jack Russell terriers for over 20 years.
 My litters are limited and there is
 a great deal of pride in raising the best 
socially, physically, and mentally healthy puppies possible.

My extended family of puppy buyers continue to be amazed at the intelligence, trainability, and loyalty of their West Elk dogs.  
In the fall of 2006, 
I was approached to develop a course for


It got me thinking about all the things I do
 when I raise a litter, and I began to organize, 
photograph and write down all that goes into each puppy
 from conception to 12 weeks of age.

The course is now on line and offers 
video and interaction to learn how to handle and imprint puppies.
Check out their webpage and learn how to take their inovative courses for all breed dog enthusiasts.

From this begining, a book has been born.
It is a collection of photos from all our litters,
 and is a timeline of development and activities
 in an easy to follow format.

It is a great guide for the first time breeder,  
and contains many tips and hints
 that seasoned breeders can use in their programs.

This book is available in several formats. If you have a high speed connection, it can be emailed as a WORD document for $20.00.  It can be sent to a physical address as a CD for $25.00. It is also available in a hard copy - three ring notebook format for $40.00
 while it is being reviewed by a publisher for future public production.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, 
please contact me, I do have a paypal account for easy purchase.
Send me an email with orders or questions
email me