They say you know when it is time, and when we said goodbye to COLUMBINE RASCAL, we knew she had been a special one.. She was third generation of our breeding, and her life filled ours with adventure and joy. 
She will be remembered for her smile.
She was the cutest little pup, the same one we saw in Speck, her granddaughter. She taught us about same sex aggression ( she was double Garth breeding) 
but that same attitude made her one of the best working terriers we have gone to field with. 
Small enough to fit anywhere, a nose that was keen to find the right settes, 
and you rarely needed a shovel… if there was quarry home, they almost always bolted.
Rascal’s puppies have grown to be agility, working, therapy, and companion dogs across the country. She gave us our Kit, and in turn Speck. 
She also brought us dear friends in her breeders, Jim and Carol Endres.  
 Godspeed dear Spirit, and please, behave when you see your Grandma Jackie Oh…