Let us introduce ourselves...
We called Gunnison, Colorado 
home for over forty years. 
We were the owners of Wilson Associates Realty 
 in Colorado.  Don was instrumental in protecting thousands of acres and the ranching heritage for numerous families by helping families develop conservation trusts and easements.

Now we hang our hats outside of Dade City, Florida to be closer to grandchildren and  enjoying a warmer climate 
We were active in civic and community activities in Gunnison .   
Don has been in Rotary for over 30 years.
 Sue Anne was a 4-H leader for over ten years
 and had a successful Equine business. 
Now, we enjoy keeping the Terriers, 
raising an occasional litter of pups, 
educating the public about Jack Russells, and  
working with dog owners on 
training techniques and behavior modification.

The Terriers give us a good excuse to hit the highways, 
and we love traveling the back roads, 
and taking the scenic routes. 
We spend less time now doing the cross country trips from coast to coast, but we follow our terriers everywhere 
there is a trial and friends.

Florida is "Shady Oaks" an old folks home run by the dogs,  

Our kids (and especially our grandkids) are all in the southeast, so we found a place to hang our hats in Florida.  We have gotten accustomed to the beautiful weather,  and enjoy having a place we call home.  The dogs think it is heaven,  they have an acre yard to run, ten acres for exploring,  their own suites in the barn, and close enough to terrier activites almost every month... 
Life is good.